Saturday, 17 January 2015

Playing With Makeup

Quite often I find myself sitting on the floor in front of my mirror, makeup sprawled out all around me, practising. I like to try looks that I wouldn't ever wear out of the house. Crazy, extravagant or just purely experiential.

This is a look I created the other day using my new Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner (which I can guarantee is worth the purchase). I ended up doing a simple cut crease using my Lorac Pro palette, a big cat wing and then continuing on applying the eyeliner all around my eyes. I'm not too sure what you call this kind of eyeliner technique...anyone know? I finished off the look with my favourite Ardell natural, demi false lashes, my usual face makeup routine and a pink lip liner and lipgloss.

Although I'm not sure I would wear this look out of the house on a regular day, it would be a great idea for a costume party. I think that with a few feathers and a few adjustments to the eyebrows, this could make a great makeup look for a bird costume or something of the like.

I had a great time experimenting with this look and thought it would be fun to show you something new.

Do you often find yourself experimenting and playing around with makeup?


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Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Current Non-Beauty Favourites

Hi All, how are you?

I was considering whipping up another product review of my favourite mascara or foundation but that seemed a little mundane. Instead, I'm going to list all of my non-beauty favourites at this current moment...enjoy!

1. The Divergent Series -

Last month I decided to embrace the inner teeny bopper inside of me and read the whole Divergent series in one week. I absolutely loved them! Not only does the author, Veronica Roth, take you on a thrilling adventure that keeps you constantly on your toes, intertwined with a love story that melts your heart, she also explores the ideas of identity and the understanding of who you are and what you stand for. I would highly recommend you read these books, especially before watching the first Divergent movie.

2. The Fault in Our Stars -

Firstly, can I just say, that I haven't read the book. I know it's a crime but I'll get there, I definitely will.

This is 100% my new favourite movie of all time. Watching this movie made me smile, cry (a LOT) and strangely enough, walk out not feeling grief stricken but with a sense of hope. A realisation that life should be celebrated, love should be shared and living in the moment is more important than anything else because you never know what's around the corner. If you haven't yet seen this movie, I highly recommend that you do, just be sure to have a box of tissues at the ready.

3. John Mayer, Don't Stop This Train -

It seems a little odd to be including a song as part of my favourites list. Maybe because it's not a tangible item that I would usually write about, but nevertheless it deserves to be a part of this post. We all know how brilliant John Mayer is as a guitarist, and this is no exception. The song is chill, something you listen to when you want to relax. The lyrics are completely relatable, the feeling of time catching up on you, getting older without being ready. Somehow though, like The Fault in Our Stars which I mentioned above, he manages to make light of the situation. My next challenge is to learn how to play this song on guitar myself, reckon I can do it?

4. Eggpant Door Stop by Mozi -

Funny story behind this one. My Aunty conducted a fun present giving game on Christmas day and my Dad ended up with this door stop (which my Mum bought as a joke and believe me, we had a good laugh! haha). As my Dad has no use for this door stop and my bedroom door has a mind of it's own, never seeming to hold it's own place, I acquired this hilariously cute piece of furniture...and I love it! If you're ever looking for a cute present or house decoration similar to this one, Mozi is your one stop shop.

5. Watermelon 4S iPhone Case by Sportsgirl -

I'm sure that many of you non-dinasaurs have upgraded your iPhone's since the prehistoric ages but I, however, haven't. You have no idea how difficult it is to find an iPhone 4S case these days without ordering online! Anyway, I found this super cute case in Sportsgirl the other day for only $9.95. The clear case is hard backed, super smooth and is covered in black polka dots and watermelons. Loves!

6. Herbal Tea -

I've never been a huge tea drinker in the past but lately, these past couple of months, I'm honestly obsessed with it. Herbal tea makes me feel so hydrated and good on the inside that I drink probably 3-4 cups a day now, which is pretty insane for me. My favourite herbal teas are rosehip with lemongrass and ginger, green tea with lemon and peppermint.

What are your non-beauty favourites at the moment? Would love to know! 


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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Product Review - Glasshouse Candle in "Taha/Vanilla Caramel"

Sweet baby Jesus, this candle smells SO delicious! 

This is the candle every Peter Alexander store in Melbourne smells like, they burn it religiously. I've been on the hunt for this candle in a small size because the ones they sell in PA are pretty huge and therefore so is the price tag. Well, as I was walking down Chapel St the other day on my way home from work, I had a fortunate stroke of serendipity. Tucked away in the corner of an independent handcraft shop, was this very candle in miniature size! Safe to say it took me about 2 minutes to make my purchase. Haha.

The smell of this candle is a bit like a mixture of caramel jerseys and salted caramel sweets. The scent of the candle fills every room of the house within minutes and lingers about for ages, even after you've blown out the flame. 

If sweet scents are your kind of thing, this candle is definitely for you. Think snuggling under a blanket with a cup of tea and the warming aroma of buttery caramel and vanilla lingering about. Peter Alexander, a popular pyjama franchise, certainly know what they're doing.

Glasshouse produce great quality candles and will look great with any kind of interior design. You have my tick of approval! 

Rrp: $18.95

What's your favourite candle scent? 


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2015 Resolutions!

Day one of 2015 and I'm feeling fabulous! I'm really looking forward to this year because I know it's going to be a great one with so many new experiences, hard work and fun times. I've never been a huge believer of new year's resolutions in the past but this year feels different. I don't look at resolutions as a hard task anymore, I see it as a chance to work on changing the parts of yourself you believe needs changing and that if you fail, you can pick yourself up and keep going.

Below are my resolutions for 2015. They may give you some inspiration if you're struggling to think of any resolutions or if you're just a curious cat like me, have a sticky nose around!

1. Work on HEALTH -

Up until I was 17 and retired from elite gymnastics, I was an incredibly active and healthy person but since retiring from gymnastics, my health has been slowly decreasing. I don't exercise or sleep enough and my diet could certainly do with a spruce. This year I am going to make a huge effort to turn the table around and work on my health.

2. Work on being the best version of ME -

All too often I find myself unhealthily comparing everything about myself and my lifestyle to other people. Not only does this cause my self-confidence to plummet down, it's also a waste of time and distracts me from working on being the best version of myself. It's difficult to look outside yourself and help others when you're so focused and worried about yourself, so this year I am really going to work on this.

3. Work on FACING FEARS -

A little cliche, right? I've done a blog post about facing my fears previously and I'm going to make it a new year's resolution. I'm turning 20 this year and I'm well aware that this is the time in my life, if there ever was a time, to awaken that lioness inside of me, recognise that I have fears and then defeat them. Nobody is without fears, but fearless people are able to acknowledge the fact that they have terrors and are then able to conquer them. I admire people like this and therefore I am going to work at also, being fearless.

I'm really excited and motivated to work on my new year's resolutions and if you are too, list yours below and we can encourage each other together! I'm all about having a supportive network :)


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