Saturday, 17 January 2015

Playing With Makeup

Quite often I find myself sitting on the floor in front of my mirror, makeup sprawled out all around me, practising. I like to try looks that I wouldn't ever wear out of the house. Crazy, extravagant or just purely experiential.

This is a look I created the other day using my new Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner (which I can guarantee is worth the purchase). I ended up doing a simple cut crease using my Lorac Pro palette, a big cat wing and then continuing on applying the eyeliner all around my eyes. I'm not too sure what you call this kind of eyeliner technique...anyone know? I finished off the look with my favourite Ardell natural, demi false lashes, my usual face makeup routine and a pink lip liner and lipgloss.

Although I'm not sure I would wear this look out of the house on a regular day, it would be a great idea for a costume party. I think that with a few feathers and a few adjustments to the eyebrows, this could make a great makeup look for a bird costume or something of the like.

I had a great time experimenting with this look and thought it would be fun to show you something new.

Do you often find yourself experimenting and playing around with makeup?


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