Sunday, 27 July 2014

Early Birthday Presents!

I thought it'd be a fun idea to show you some of the gifts I got for my birthday, despite the fact my birthday isn't actually until tomorrow. Given that I'm back at college meaning I won't be spending my birthday with family, they've bought me early birthday presents which I've shown you in the collage below! 

Although I love a good surprise, I chose every single one of these gifts for myself because there have been so many things I've been hanging out buy, but too broke to buy them myself (poor college student alert). 

1. Illamasqua powder blush duo including the shades 'Katie' and 'Ambition' - Highly pigmented blush duo with a matte shade and a shimmer shade, each one giving a healthy flush of colour to the cheeks. 

2. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation - An extremely light but buildable foundation and a cult favourite. This foundation is more of a skin tint, leaving the skin feeling very soft and looking luminous and fresh. 

3. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Eau de Toilette Spray - This perfume has a gorgeous rich, floral scent. It's refreshing yet also has a slight sweet smell to it that I can't explain. Not to mention the bottle is pretty much the cutest thing I've seen.  

4. MONDA Studio Carry-All Set Bag - Bought from a professional makeup store, this bag is meant for makeup artists carrying their gear on set. I'm currently using this bag however to store some of the ever-expanding products I have and so far it's doing a splendid job. 

5. Elizabeth Arden Sheer Lights Illuminating Pen in the shade 'Soft' #01 - A gorgeous soft pink highlighter that also corrects blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. I will do a product review on this product in the future as I am absolutely loving it. It brightens and brings back life to my face. Highly recommend. 

So they're my early birthday presents. I'm unsure of what else is to come because as I said, my birthday's not till tomorrow but of course I would be happy with nothing but to spend time with friends and family (aweee vom). Thankyou to my family for these gifts, I'm always very grateful! 

Have you tried any of these products?


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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Farm Adventures!

Greetings all!

I know it's bad to say this but apologies for posting less frequently lately. I've been on a roll over the past few months but lately I've had a terrible case of bloggers block and figured it was better not to post at all than post something I'm not truly passionate about.

Anywho, my mum and I travelled up to my Grandma's farm over the weekend and we had a really lovely time. The air was fresh, nothing like the city air I'm constantly breathing in, and it was just the perfect way to spend my last weekend of the holidays.

Whilst I was there I practiced driving the manual ute around the farm (I'm still getting my hours for my license), finished reading 'The Longest Ride' by Nicholas Sparks which is such a gorgeous book and I highly recommend it to anyone, spent some quality time with cows and just generally had a nice time recuperating before I go back to University *cry*.

Here are a few snaps I took whilst I was there...

Morning fog 

Meet Brindabella, the friendliest of cows! 

Driving around in the ute 

I'm so lucky to have grown up being able to spend weeks on end playing around with my siblings and cousins in the open space. My next mission it to convince the relatives to buy a horse for the farm, that would be the cherry on top ;)

Where did you used holiday as a kid? 


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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Just Call Me Four Eyes

So recently I got two new pairs of glasses and I'm extremely happy with them. I don't have terrible eyesight but I definitely don't have clear vision and I find it difficult to see things far away (which is not helpful in lectures trying to see the powerpoint!).

I purchased my first glasses in Year 11 but I really didn't like the look of them so would avoid wearing them as much as I could and just continue to squint my way around (not good for your eyes just FYI). My old glasses were the thin rectangle shape and made me look very much like an old librarian. I'm here to tell you however, that if you're in a similar situation to my Year 11 self...this doesn't have to be the case!

Don't avoid wearing glasses or getting your eyes checked because you don't want to look silly like I did. I've had so many compliments on my new glasses and it's just made me realise that glasses can actually be stylish and can even enhance how you look (dare I say it!). You just have to find the right ones for you and your facial features.

A few tips I have on making glasses look good are as follows:

  • Make sure your eyebrows are filled in neatly. This really pulls the look together. 
  • Go easy on the eye makeup and just go for neutral colours. I find this really helps to prevent everything looking too much and overpowering. 
  • Take time to pick the right glasses for you. Ignore any trends and be adventurous. You might surprise yourself with what you can pull off! 
  • Generally I like to go for a flawless foundation look but you totally don't have to. This is just what I've done in the pictures below. 

I bought both pairs of glasses from Specsavers in Prahran and would highly recommend this place to anyone. The staff were very friendly, helpful and took the time to give their opinion on the many glasses that I tried on...not to mention it was also very cheap at only $40 for both pairs!

...But if all else fails, contact lenses are pretty awesome ;) Haha. 

Do you wear glasses? 


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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Face of the Night - Silver Smokey Eye

Hello again!

Last night I did my makeup for a night out and was really happy with how it turned out so I thought I'd share the final look with you! It's quite similar to the Kim Kardashian inspired makeup look that I blogged about awhile ago (you can find the post HERE...the pictures are much better quality too).

To create this look I focused on smudging gel eyeliner in my crease and outer eye whilst also blending in dark brown and black eyeshadow to create that smokey effect. I then applied a very white/silvery eyeshadow to the inner section of my lid, on the brown bone and on my tear ducts. To finish off the look I did a simple winged liner, using sticky tape on my outer eye to create a perfect crisp line.

I'm really happy with this makeup look that I invented (well, not invented but just created by messing around on a boring day...that's how it always happens haha). It really makes your eyes pop and is fantastic for a night out.

Products used on my face:

- MAC prep+prime primer
- Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in "Warm Honey" mixed with Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in "Beige" (I fake tanned and didn't have the right colour so I had to mix them)
- Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in "Medium Moyen"
- MAC eyeshadow in "Mystery" to fill in my eyebrows
- MAC clear brow gel
- MAC prep+prime eye primer in "Light"
- Maybelline eyeliner gel in "Blackest Black" to smudge in the crease
- Nude tude palette by theBalm using these colours: Sassy, Snobby, Serious, Sleek
- theBalm Schwing liquid eyeliner in "Black"
- Rimmel Stay Matte powder in "Translucent" #001
- Benefit Hoola bronzer
- MAC powder blush in "Pinch Me"
- Nude tude eyeshadow palette using the shade "Stand-offish" to highlight my cheekbones
- MAC cremesheen lipstick in the shade "Shy Girl"

What do you guys think of this look? Would you ever give it a go?


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