Thursday, 23 January 2014

Product Review - Rock Star Soap by Lush

This soap, like many other Lush products I've been reviewing of late, came in the 'Candy Box' I bought at half price from the Boxing Day sales, and I cannot speak highly enough of it! Luckily, this soap is a permanent product at Lush so there's no need to worry about missing out until next Christmas time (but might I say, you might want to get on it as soon as possible because you're missing out).

Being more of a soap girl rather than a shower gel girl, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to top notch soaps, and this one really did impress me. Normally I'm not too fussed with how great a quality the soaps I use are as long as they smell delicious, so I probably would still have been impressed with this Lush product regardless since it smelt so nice, but this soap was all that and more!

With scents of sweet candy floss and a beautiful soft pink colour, I was already sold. But then I came across it's amazing ability to lather (for all you lather freaks out there) and the absolute soft qualities it had on my just felt so nice and silky. But last of all, let me not forget how soft and clean it left my skin feeling afterwards (this may be party due to the ingredients rapeseed and coconut oil).

The Rock Star soap by Lush does run out fairly quickly because of it's creamy texture (hold it for long and enough and it will most definitely melt in your hands) but that isn't a problem for me because it just gives me one more excuse to head back to the Lush store and buy another...and maybe a few other things... *mischievously giggles*.

What's your favourite Lush soap? Or are you more of a shower gel girl? 

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Have I possibly found my perfect foundation?

It's true what they say, Loreal True Match foundation really IS top of the line when it comes to drug store foundations... it's become no secret.
If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you may remember a post about my perfect foundation treasure hunt (if not, read up here). Choosing the right foundation for you, is tricky business. As soon as I thought I'd found the perfect foundation for my sensitive, combination/oily skin, I was let down due to irritating things like breaking out, poor lasting power and substances that look like a second layer to my skin. I've been through bottle after bottle (and it's not cheap to do so either) but none of the foundations I had tried were quite right. Annoying, I know.
Well now I bring good news. I'm past the days of cashing out on foundations that fail me; Loreal True Match IS the one. Here's my story:

At first use I hated this foundation because the way I applied it made my skin look orange (I bought the shade N2 Vanilla). I later found out however, after much persistence, that my skin looked slightly orange because it was Winter and I'd chosen the wrong match for my skin tone, whereas I thought that it was just the foundation oxidising (I'd like to think my naivety came from being annoyed and not wanting to buy another bottle in a different shade).
So, it's now Summer, my skin is looking a little less ghostly and the foundation (sorry for being cliche) is a true match. This foundation also hasn't caused any breakouts or nasties and I've been using it for a good few months to make sure I had an honest, true opinion for you all.

The foundation is slightly more on the sheer side, but still gives really good coverage. You only need a small amount (as it actually can oxidise... ha ha... I wasn't all wrong) and I can't emphasise enough how much you need to blend it out. Because my skin is a little more oily in the Summer time, I finish this foundation off with MAC skin finish powder and also a little translucent powder by MAC. Putting powder over the top of this foundation doesn't make it look cakey, but actually gives a really nice, natural, shock horror, it's my natural skin (and it lasts a whole lot longer, plus gives a little extra coverage)! Now all I have to do is buy another one of these in a different shade for Winter, and I'm set!

So yes, I highly recommend trying out this foundation and give it a good go. You'll be surprised how  much a little foundation can go if you blend it out really well!!!

Rrp: $29.95

Knowing me, I'm going to end up buying more foundations anyway because I'm a curious cat, so do you have any suggestions? Have you found your perfect foundation? 


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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Product Review - Golden Fun by Lush

Golden FUN; a limited edition, vegan, preservative free, 4-in-1 product by Lush. And really, the name speaks for itself...this stuff is fricken awesome!!! Lush, can you pretty please with cherries on top make this a permanent product?

I picked this up for half price at the Boxing Day sales so I'm not sure if they are still around, but if you happen to find one in your store, DO pick one up! It's totally worth it.

Basically, this product can be used as play dough, soap, bubble bar, hair wash and can also be used to hand wash clothes...umm excuse me, but what more could you want? And not only does it do all of these marvellous things, it also comes in a biodegradable wrapper, is preservative free and vegan!

FUN has the same scent as the soap 'Honey I washed the kids', which smells a lot like caramel or butter menthol (a personal favourite of mine). The glitter on the outside of the bar washes off your body so there isn't any need to worry about looking like a disco ball. I used this product by breaking off a bit and lathering up my body to wash and also crumbling a little under the running bath tap water to create bubbles. My skin was surprisingly quite soft after using FUN (most likely because of the orange and bergamot oil), and the scent lingered around for a really long time.

I haven't actually (and don't necessarily plan on doing) washed my hair with FUN, only because I have a very sensitive scalp and stick to the same shampoo and conditioner...I just don't enjoy trying new products on my hair in terms of washing in fear of getting an irritated scalp etc. If any of you get a chance to wash your hair with this though, do let me know how it goes!

I'm aware that there are more products like this at Lush, however this particular, caramel, glittery and gold bar is a limited edition for Christmas. Be sure to grab your hands on one of these before there aren't any left!

Rrp: $9.50 (50% off now)

Have you tried FUN? What did you/do you think?


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