Sunday, 8 December 2013

Latest Beauty Obsession - Winged Eyeliner

My latest obsession through November and going into December is the winged eyeliner look, or commonly known as the 'cat eye'. I believe it's really good to mix up your regular makeup style once in awhile to keep things interesting and fresh.
The winged eyeliner is not necessarily a simple technique to achieve at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's really super duper easy and makes such difference in making your eyes look bigger, brighter, more alluring and in my opinion, really cute! 
I use a black liquid liner with a thin brush tip but you can also use a sharp and pigmented eyeliner pencil or eyeliner gel for less harsh lines or less of a dramatic effect (it's also a little easier to master the winged liner technique with a gel or pencil eyeliner). 

How to achieve a simple winged eyeliner:
1. Looking down into a small mirror, slowly and gently draw a thin line of eyeliner across the lash line (as you would normally apply eyeliner).
2. Continuing on in the same direction/angle as the outer corner of your eye, draw a thin line with the eyeliner on each eye, trying as best you can to make each eye the same. 
3. Fill in in the wing by drawing a connecting line between the middle section (about one third from the outer corner of the eye) of the eyeliner to the tip of the wing and then fill the triangular like shape in. 

I've shown you some of the ways I've been wearing the winged eyeliner look in the pictures below.

[Here is an example of a full face of makeup including a simple winged liner.]

[This was my Cara Delevingne inspired makeup- you can find a post about it here.]
[I tried a dramatic winged liner on my friend and we both really liked the outcome. It's not something she would normally wear, but I think I've sold her on the style haha]

[This was an experimental winged liner that I did on my friend for a Christmas themed makeup style. Does anyone know what it's called?]

What is your latest makeup obsession? Do you commonly use the winged eyeliner technique? Let me know.

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  1. You are beautiful!
    I wish I could apply liner as neat as you do - my my eyes have like 10000 folds :( so hey ho haha!

    Lovely make-up :)
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

    1. Oh my, that's so kind, thankyou! It does take quite awhile to get the hang of, my first attempts were ridiculously bad! xx