Monday, 4 May 2015

Like Minded Projects

Hey guys! 

So the other day I was out at a cafe called 'Like Minded Projects' and I had the most delicious AND healthy ice-cream cookie sandwich (at least I think it was a semi-healthy dessert). So good in fact that I've had to blog about it :) 

I've never really posted about food or places that I eat out at in Melbourne and I think it's about time I did, considering I eat out far more than I really should! So here's my first foodie post and what a scrumptious one to start on. 

Vegan, berry ice-cream between a PB&J cookie and an apple crumble cookie

'Like Minded Projects' is located on Smith St, Fiztroy and is a healthy cafe that is completely gluten-free and for the majority, vegan. They not only do coffee and other beverages but they also do breakfast, lunch and other yummy snacks that I desperately want to try. I saw a picture of this cookie sandwich on instagram and so obviously that's what I had to try first (not wanting to be left out and all) and will definitely buy it again!

I ordered the peanut butter and jelly cookie and apple crumble cookie with berry ice-cream in the middle. The berry ice-cream was so delicious and would definitely recommend this option, however next time I'll probably just get two apple crumble cookies as I'm not a huge nut fan and I didn't enjoy the heavy peanut taste in the peanut butter and jelly cookie (I like peanut butter, just not plain nuts which is what this cookie tasted like).

If you happen to be around the area or are looking for a new cafe to eat at, give this one a shot! I for sure am going back to try out more of the menu :)

Check out their website HERE.


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  1. Mmm that looks and sounds so yummy! x

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