Friday, 6 December 2013


I apologise for not posting soon enough, but I do have a pretty good excuse; schoolies!!!
For those not familiar with the concept of Schoolies already, it's generally thought of as a week (or more) that you spend on vacation with your friends after graduating high school to celebrate. Most people go to actual Schoolies events, such as Byron Bay and Queensland, where they party hard all week long, however my friends and I decided to take a vanilla week away from the stresses of life and chill out in Sorrento. My friend's family owns a massive beach house in Sorrento, so it only made sense that we all bunked together up there free of charge and away from the dangerous drunk teenagers that bombard the beaches of Byron Bay and Queensland.
Schoolies week was one of the best weeks of my entire year. My friends and I were able to spend quality time together; laughing, tanning on the beach, swimming, bike riding, watching movies and having the occasional...*cough cough*...drink. It's not often that I get to take a proper vacation where I can blob out under the sun doing nothing for a week and not feel guilty for it, and I think it's so important that everybody does this once in awhile.
For those of you that are considering going on Schoolies once you graduate high school, my advice would be to go for it! If you're like my friends and I, and raging parties full of drunk or drug induced teenagers doesn't appeal to you, pick a place where not  many people go. A place that's quite and convenient. Make sure you plan way in advance (we started planning over a year in advance), and sort out the small details such as groceries that will make your week easy going and stress free :)
Below I have included some photographs of my stay in Sorrento at schoolies, I hope you enjoy them.

[This cool chick's name is also Issy. That makes us Issy Squared. I call her my squared.]

[Tanning on a super duper hot day. I actually came back a little less ghost looking. Pleased as punch!]

[Went for a drive with my Chummy (yes, we call each other Chummy) to pick up more girlfriends from the ferry]

[A snazzy panorama picture of the view from the beach house's deck on a glorious and sunny day]

[I thought it only appropriate to add a snapshot of one of the many delirious and silly moments we had on Schoolies (this one features my squared). Can you tell I'm a little tanned now?]
[Dangling my feet over the salty bay water at the peer]

[Another panorama. This one is of a couple friends and I chilling by the water at the peer having a little d&m]

[I call this bestie Jess because she looks like Jessica Rabbit. A shot from one of our bike rides into town.]

[Doesn't everybody cook dinner with a Sombrero hat on?]

[Shenanigans building a tower from cups...]

[...and we got it to touch the roof!]

[Eating Olives with this nutter in the rain at 3am. The things you get up to on schoolies... haha]

[It was a cloudy day so we decided to do makeovers...starting with an avocado and oatmeal face mask!]

[I did her makeup, do you like it?]
[I did her makeup too. Do you like it? I tried to make it Christmas themed and her sparkly jumper just so happened to match perfectly with the theme.]
Now that I've told you about my Schoolies experience and spammed you with a load of photographs, I'd like to know about you. Have you heard, been or are going on Schoolies week? How do you plan to take a break this Summer?

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  1. "dangerous drunk teenagers that bombard the beaches of Byron Bay and Queensland."
    Hahaha you crack me up!!!
    The streets of Surfers and the clubs weren't as bad as you think! It was actually a lot tamer than I had imagined.. :P

    1. Haha you know it's true missy! You are a prime example ;) Just kidding, I'm sure you had an awesome time xxx

  2. Heyyy we were in the apartment and I was only a harm to myself!!! :P It definitely was eventful thats for sure!!

    1. You can say that again :P it's okay love haha xxx