Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Product Review - Retread by Lush

Up until a couple of weeks ago, my hair had become very dry, brittle and out of control frizzy. I wasn't taking proper care of my hair and this was really making a big impact on how I felt about myself and the way I looked! Once I finally decided enough was enough, I took a trip to my favourite cosmetic store, Lush, and asked the lady at the counter to help me choose a product to revitalise, replenish and restore the nutrients in my hair.

The lady assessed how damaged my hair was (which was a lot), had a look at the volume and thickness of my hair (which is also, a lot) and gave me the product 'Retread'; a heavy duty hair conditioner packed with protein, vitamin C and healthy oils; such as seaweed, protein, melon and jojoba oil, to cleanse and repair troubled hair. Can I just say, I will never ever look back. I've only been using this product for 2 weeks and my hair has already come back to life!

I use this conditioner in conjunction with my regular shampoo (Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff shampoo with soothing eucalyptus) in plentiful amounts and I leave it to soak into my hair and do it's thing for at least 15 minutes. When my hair is drying and only a little damp, I work a small amount of argan oil into the ends and lengths of my hair which leaves me with shiny, soft, healthy and luscious looking locks. 

Another reason I love this hair conditioner so much, is because it has the capabilities of fully restoring the nutrients and love back into my hair once i've straightened and applied heat to it, which can often cause quite a lot of damage. I've also noticed that when I style my hair, it becomes a lot softer and shiny looking compared to before I started using this product (make sure to always use a heat protect spray before styling hair. I use Toni&Guy's heat protect spray).  

Although a little on the pricey side, I would highly recommend this hair conditioner to anybody with hair that needs a little oomph. The smell of this product takes getting used to because of it's fresh ingredients, but on the whole it's not that bad. 

Rrp: $23.95

Have you tried this hair conditioner? What's your favourite hair care product? I'd love some tips and tricks!


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  1. That looks like such a good conditioner but the price tag is huge!

    Something about Carey