Sunday, 15 June 2014

Take me to the sea-side...

Today was such gorgeous, sunny weather amongst all this Winter rain here in Melbourne, Australia so my mum and I decided to go for a late afternoon walk. We drove down to Port Melbourne and had a nice long stroll along the beach, despite the decreasing warmth of the day time sun, and I decided to whip out my good camera to capture what was a beautiful, picturesque beach view.

The wind began to raise goosebumps on our arms and our fingers and toes began to freeze but despite this, we couldn't get enough of the fresh seaside air. Not to mention the calming sounds of crashing waves. There's nothing quite like it.

Driving down to the beach on such a wonderfully serene evening almost felt like a getaway far from home even though it wasn't. I tried to capture this feeling through my photographs and so I hope you are able to understand the sense of freedom and peacefulness like you were there with mum and I.

Where are your favourite places to explore near home? 

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  1. I love the seaside! We go all the time here.
    x Justina //

  2. These pictures and the scenery is STUNNING :). I find anywhere close to the sea is great to explore.

  3. Pictures are amazing:))

    Love your blog and hope that we could stay in touch!
    Xoxo Antonella <3

    1. Thankyou Antonella that means a lot :) x