Thursday, 11 June 2015

Product Review - Loving Tan Bronzing Mousse in 'Ultra Dark'

I'm in love! This tanning mousse is the real deal.

After months and months of watching beauty gurus rave about this product, I finally caved and picked one up in David Jones the other day. I bought the shade ultra dark because I do love me some fake tan and to be honest, I wasn't expecting it to be all that dark. I thought it might be like most other fake tans where the dark shade isn't really that dark and I end up having to put on two wrong was I?!

This tan develops over 6 hours and then requires an initial wash to remove the top layer. I find it's best to apply before bed, leave about 30 minutes for it to dry (mind you, that's being overly cautious) and then take a shower when you wake up and you're ready to go!


- Has the same smell of a professionally done fake tan. It's not too strong and very pleasant.
- Natural olive colour.
- Cutest packaging ever.
- Doesn't seem to go patchy if looked after properly (aka. MOISTURISE & SHORT SHOWERS).
- Lasts much longer than other fake tans I've used in the past.
- A little goes a long way so it will last a longer time.
- Very affordable.
- Doesn't transfer to clothes or sheets which is a major bonus!
- Alcohol free
- Paraben free


- You really need to work fast when applying the fake tan because it dries very fast and you want to avoid streaking. If you feel like you're clumsy when applying tanner, I'd recommend going for a lighter shade or a different brand that's a bit more forgiving.

Rrp: $34.99

Are you a tanning addict too? 


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  1. Love this stuff since trying it out a couple of weeks ago! But the first time I used it I went totally overboard on my hands which I didn't realise til the next day..... hahaha so I had super brown hands, and my arms looked completely white next to them! Since then I take it easy on the hands and feet lol. Great post lovely Xx

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. Haha I did the same except just on my knuckles and it looked a bit ridiculous! You have to be so careful! Thanks hun :) xx