Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Goodbye Long Hair!

Bonjour blogger friends :) Guess what? I got my hair cut short!

After my last hair cut which was an absolute disaster (I asked for layers and she literally gave me a bob on top of my long hair...yikes), I decided just to start from scratch and get it cut short. I've had long hair for probably over 5 years now and not only was I starting to get a little bored, it was also becoming somewhat of a nightmare to maintain. I don't have fine hair, it's thick, frizzy and difficult to manage...especially when it's quite long!

I got my hair cut at a hair salon called 'Chumba' after a recommendation from my model friend who'd done a few photo shoots there and I absolutely loved it. I wanted to change my hair salon after my last terrible hair cut, this place is close to where I live and seemed like a viable option. I'm definitely going to go back. The hair stylists in Chumba where very friendly, very professional and most importantly, produced a hair style that I actually like.

Having short hair has been somewhat of a blessing. Not only does it take half the time to wash, blow dry, straighten etc. it is also much cooler during this hot Australian summer. I feel like it doesn't weigh me down/drown me out so much and it looks much fresher and healthy looking. I'm so glad I went for the plunge and will never hesitate to cut it short again!



When's the last time you changed something about your appearance? 


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