Monday, 13 April 2015

Product Review - Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cream

These past few weeks, my skin has decided for the first time ever (and I mean EVER), to go super dry to the point of flakiness in some spots (sorry for the TMI) and so I decided that it was time I invested in some kind of heavy duty face cream.

Not only was my skin quite dry, it was also starting to burn and sting every time I used my regular Neutrogena face moisturiser that I've been using for probably 2 years now. Youtube Tanya Burr raves about this face cream and I'd previously used Origins products and absolutely loved them, so I decided to give this face cream a go.

The words 'soothing', 'skin relief' and 'hydration' were what instantly pulled me in. This product claims to hydrate the skin, whilst also visibly reducing redness and sensitivity. I can assure you that this face cream works effectively in terms of reducing redness and sensitivity, but it wasn't as hydrating as I'd hoped it would be.


- Reduces redness
- Doesn't cause any irritation whatsoever
- Doesn't break my skin out
- Is extremely calming on the skin
- Nourishing
- Creamy but not greasy
- Paraben free


- Is pricey
- Has a lingering sent (doesn't bother me but it may not be to everyone's taste)
- Isn't as hydrating as I would have liked it to be (although thinking about it, it's probably not meant for skin as dry as mine is at the moment so don't let this deter you if you're skin is combination/dry!)

I'm feeling 50/50 on this one. I don't regret purchasing this product but considering the expensive price tag and that fact that it didn't entirely impress me, I won't be repurchasing. If you've got normal to dry skin and you're looking for a face cream that really soothes sensitive, easily irritated skin and reduces redness however, Origins Mega Mushroom Face Cream could be right up your alley!

Rrp: $82

Have you tried this product? What other face moisturisers would you recommend for sensitive/dry skin? 

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