Thursday, 28 November 2013

Product Review - Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt From Lush

[Blue, sparkly substance that comes out from inside the star]

[How my skin looked when I got out of the bath]

'Star Light Star Bright'; the most uplifting and the most beautiful of Lush bath melts. This truly will put you in a positive mood, swiftly sending you away from reality and into the realm of dreams.

Lush bath melts are probably my most treasured product of them all, mainly because of the velvety smooth skin that they leave me with. This bath melt caught my eye at an instant because of it's extreme amount of sparkles and vibes that scream Christmas, and I was eager to give it a go. I also haven't been able to find many reviews on this particular Lush bath melt, which I find disappointing.

At first, although the amount of sparkles on this bath melt did look beautiful, I was curious as to whether I'd come out of my bath looking like a disco ball, and whether or not this would be a problem. I did come out of the bath covered in sparkles, but they aren't uncomfortable or I guess I'm okay with this.
The bath melt smells, as the product claims, like zesty lime and ginger, which I found to be very uplifting and put me in a positive mood. The scent is quite strong and I could smell it throughout my entire bath, unlike some of the other lush bath product scents which tend to fade over time.
When I put the bath melt into the bath a blue, sparkly substance came out from the centre of the star; an exciting surprise and a wonderful addition to my bath as it made the water look as though I was in tropical beach water...a clear, pale blue.
Once I was out of my bath and dry, my skin was left feeling very moisturised (from the cocoa and Shea butter) and hydrated (from the extra virgin lime oil) just as the product claimed to do. You definitely won't need to moisturise after bathing in this bath melt!
As I mentioned earlier, I did have a lot of sparkles left on my skin and on the edges of my bath...but this wasn't a problem for me. If you're not keen on sparkles however, I wouldn't recommend this bath melt as it's inevitable that you'll leave the bath looking like a sparkling Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga (apologies, I had to).
Last but not least, I still have a fresh citrus scent lingering on my skin and I really love it.

I would recommend this product and it's certainly one to get you in the festive spirit for Christmas!

rrp: $5.25
Have you tried this product? Did the sparkles bother you? 


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