Monday, 12 May 2014

Beauty & Cosmetics Haul

Sooo...ummm...I took a trip to Priceline and lets just say I got a little carried away. I went in for a lipstick and came out with a whole lot more. But who can say no to a 40% off sale on all hair care products? Not me!

This is what I bought:

 1. TONI&GUY nourish shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. I love Toni&Guy and have heard great things about this.

2. TONI&GUY prep leave in conditioner. I don't currently have a leave in conditioner and I'm on a hunt for a really good de-frizz hair product so here's hoping!

3. TRESemmé keratin smooth heat protect spray. I've run out of my Toni&Guy heat protect spray so I decided to try something new and go for the TRESemmé version. Keratin is meant to be really good for de-frizzing and replenishing the hair and a heat protect spray is a must when using hot styling tools.

4. Real Techniques expert face brush. Once again, I've heard great things about this buffing brush and I need a new one as I'm not enjoying my current foundation brush. Plus it's always good to expand your collection and try something new.

5. Revitanail base coat. I'm obsessed with painting my nails except they always chip within two seconds so I've bought a base coat in order to lengthen the life of my nail polish, and also do some good for my nails as it contains avocado oil and vitamin E.

6. Maybelline baby lips pink glow in the colour 'Pink Blast'. I needed a new lip balm and just thought the idea of having my lips tinted and smelling delicious at the same time of being moisturised was ideal (it's also a little sad that I haven't cottoned on to the baby lips trend, so it's about time).

7. Rimmel wake me up concealer in the shade 'Ivory'. Lately I've been having a lot of really good skin days where I don't actually need/want to wear foundation but just a little bit of concealer and powder, however my current concealers just aren't cutting it. I bought this product because the coverage is quite good and as my skin has been also looking a little dull, I'm hoping that it does what is claims and makes me look a little more awake!

8. Rimmel scandaleyes waterproof kohl eyeliner in the shade 'Taupe'. Holy mackerel, I swatched this eyeliner and instantly fell in love with it. It's texture is unbelievably soft, pigmented and the shade taupe is just beautiful. I think this eyeliner will come in handy when I want to have subtle, natural eye makeup in which case I can replace a black liner for this shade.

9. Revlon balm stain in #010 'Darling Chérie'. Funny story about this one actually. Mum and I were swatching the amazing Revlon balm stains and she came across this light purple, glossy shade. We both really liked it and thought it would be a fun colour to wear, however just couldn't find another one in the store. After searching high and low, the shop assistant told us this was the last one and most likely not on sale anymore. I'm not sure if it sells anywhere else but we bought it for a very cheap price anyway (she gave us a massive discount as it was a tester), and then I cleaned it up, cut off the used bits and there you have it!

10. Revlon colourburst lip butter in the shade 'Wild Watermelon' #063. Plain and simple really, I love this watermelon colour it's the sheer, moisturising texture. Watermelon lipstick colours really suit my skin tone and people often rave about the Revlon lip butters, so I'm going to give it a go!

So there you have it, my little (big?) splurge at Priceline. I always have so much fun shopping at drugstores and swatching as many products as I possibly can.

What's your current favourite drugstore product? 

Much Love 

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