Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Peer Pressure

Spur of the moment post really, but also completely necessary and if just one person reads this and takes away some valuable advice that makes their life better...I've done my job!

As many of you well know, I'm currently living on campus at University.  Don't get me wrong, college is great fun most of the time, but their are aspects about it I don't particularly like. At college I've experienced a great deal of peer pressure to go out all the time, to drink all the time and to just be someone that I'm well, not.

How did I get myself out of this? Well, it took a lot of time and realisation that no, I don't have to listen to what other people say and if somebody can't accept things for what they are then do you really need that kind of a person in your life? I know it sounds harsh but I did a lot of thinking and I realised that this isn't just a college thing, it's something everybody goes through in life and it's just a part of growing up and learning that it takes real character and strength to stay true to who you are (aweee vom).

I always felt guilty when I missed an event or hard on myself when I felt I wasn't 'in' with particular crowds but then I thought, really Issy? It's individual character that's most important, it's doing what makes you the most happy that's important, is it really worth worrying about what other people think of you? No. It really isn't. Think about it, accept it, move on.

I knew this kind of thing would happen when I moved to college and my parents warned me about it constantly, but I actually think that there are some parts of growing up you just can't do by being told. You need to be thrown into the deep end, experience it the hard way, make a few life mistakes and then come to a realisation within yourself and LEARN from them.

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know that you're beautiful people in your own special way and never feel guilty for being just who you are. Peer pressure will not get the better of you!!!

Much Love 
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