Saturday, 31 May 2014

H&M Arrives in Melbourne!

I'm sorry this isn't relevant to people who don't live in Melbourne or even Australia, but my excitement proves too much for me to hold back on writing this blog please bear with me!

After watching YouTubers in the UK and other various places around the world go on and on about the purchases they've made at H&M, I can finally take your advice on board and have a look at the store myself...yes that's right, there's at long last an H&M in Melbourne (on Bourke St to be precise)!

Naturally as I was in the city the other day I had a visit to the store and let me tell you, it is extremely packed with customers (as you can see I'm not the only over-excicted Melbournian)! There are three huge levels in H&M and my friend and I only made it around the first as there were just far too many people crowding around, making a very difficult shopping trip. There was even a line that bent around the block to get in and another long line to reach the fitting room...I remember it being a similar scenario when Topshop came to Melbourne.

A word of advice, if you plan on going to the H&M store in Melbourne and aren't keen on spending hours pushing through crowds to look at clothes or waiting in massive queues to try clothes on, don't even bother going in the afternoon. Pick either the earliest time they open or later at night and preferably not on the weekend.

Aside from the crowds and from what I saw in my very short visit to H&M, it is exactly what people say: cheap, affordable, loads of selection (there's definitely something there for everyone) and nice designs. I thought that because everything was so cheap the quality and style of clothing would be rubbish but was pleasantly surprised as I found so many things I liked. Obviously there are a few items such as coats etc. where the fabric didn't feel so fabulous but I mean, that's to be expected at such a low price.

All in all I would highly recommend you pay a visit to this splendiferous store, it's a shopaholics dream. Cheap as chips and caters for everyone's needs. Now we just need a Primark.

Have you been to H&M  and enjoy shopping there often? What are your tips to surviving the jam packed space? 

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  1. Cannot wait to check out H&M! I've been waiting because I don't want to go while it's so crowded haha, but I am getting keen! X

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. It's so great that we have one in Melbourne now! Definitely worth the wait :) xx