Sunday, 10 May 2015

New Puppy & Life Update!

Hi all!

So you may or may not be wondering what happened to my 'Thowback Thursday' post I talked about in my previous post and why I haven't posted since. Well, my life has changed a lot since then and definitely for the family adopted a dog from the RSPCA (hence why I've been so preoccupied)! :)

My family and I have been looking to adopt a dog for quite some time now and last week we found the perfect one. His name is Oscar, he's an English Cocker Spaniel and is almost 1 year old (his 1st birthday is on the 12th of May in fact!). Oscar is the baby of a puppy farm rescue and has unfortunately had to spend the first year of his life in the shelters until the RSPCA were given permission to put him into adoption (along with many other cocker spaniels) and so hasn't had the training nor experience that a normal 1 year old dog might have. Because of this, he can be quite timid at times and needs constant treats to reward him for being 'brave' but so far (touch wood) he as adapted to home life extremely well!

Since I feed oscar, take him out for the toilet and have in general just spent a lot of time with him, he's become my little shadow and follows me absolutely everywhere. In fact, as I type this Oscar is snoring on the couch, tucked up beside me. It's really nice to have a little companion (and personal heater) with me all the time and I'm just so over the moon about him being here.

Oscar apparently prefers to sit on top of his crate, rather than inside it. Haha. 
My next life update, so to say, is that I'm going to Tasmania this week to visit my best friend who attends University there. It's going to be so much fun and she has loads of things planned for us to do, so I'll be sure to take heaps of photos to share with you on my blog when I get back. Yipee!

Last but not least, I'm thinking of going back to University. Eeep! For those of you who don't already know, I'm currently taking a GAP year (I didn't take one after High School and went straight into my first year of study at University). I found a course that looks extremely interesting to me and am actually thinking of discontinuing my previous course and starting something new. Rather than being nervous or apprehensive of changing my direction, I'm actually very very excited about the prospect!

And on a side note, Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mothers out there (for yesterday, I know)! I hope you had a wonderful day with your Mum and other loved ones :)

Mother's day brunch that my Brother and I made for Mum 
Now that you're updated about the ins and outs of my life, what about yours? Has anything new or exciting taken place in your life recently? Let me know! 


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  1. Oscar is just beautiful! So happy for you, and happy for him that he gets to live a beautiful life with you :) Hope you spoil him for his 1st birthday! Hehe xx

    Bec | Bec & Beauty

    1. Thanks Bec! He's just gorgeous and will definitely be very spoilt on his Birthday! :) xx