Monday, 18 May 2015

Trip to Tasmania

As you would already know if you read my life update post last week, I've spend the last half a week in Tasmania! One of my best friends from High School goes to University there and so I flew over to visit her. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take my good camera or even my vlogging camera with me but I did however take a few pictures of my trip on my iPhone, that I thought I might share on my blog with you guys :) 

Salamanca Markets 
These photos were taken at the Salamanca Markets, a popular place for tourists and locals of Hobart to spend their Saturday (as it is only open on Saturday) morning/afternoon. 

Pun Party for Med students 
As my friend studies Medicine at University, she had a pun themed party for her course on Saturday night. We dressed up as 'Oh Deer' and 'Holy Cow'....and I'm sure you can tell which is which. We had such a good time and I met loads of lovely people! :) 

Ps, Can any of you recognise this makeup look? I've done a previous post on it HERE, except I was fake tanned and did it ever so slightly different to this time.   

Being couch potato and going home 
Because we didn't get home from the pun party until about 4:30am on Sunday, we spent the rest of the day being couch potatoes! We lounged around watching chick flicks and horror movies (which I luckily fell asleep for during the first 15 minutes and was spared the gory details) and eating junk food. My friend's boyfriend also came over and brought his super cute doggy friend, Milly :) 

On Monday, my last day in Tasmania, I really only had time to take in the scenery of Hobart and it's beautiful, sunny weather and then head home in the early afternoon. 

I'm so glad I made the effort to book some flights and head over to see my friend. Not only was it nice to catch up wither, it also gave me a few days just to relax, forget about any worries and just have a good time. I think it's so healthy to give yourself a break every now and then. 

Have you ever been to Tasmania/been on a holiday recently? 


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