Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The perfect foundation treasure hunt

What a dilemna!
I think we can all agree that finding the perfect foundation isn't as easy as it looks; whether it be too cakey, orange, too sheer and the list goes on. I've gone through so many different kinds and brands of foundation, leading me to the latest foundation that I've been using by MAC. It's the studio fix fluid with SPF 15, in NC15.
I've been using this particular foundation for quite a few months now, as I finally thought that this was the one! The shade matches my skin tone perfectly, the consistency isn't cakey on my skin, it doesn't rub off or slide until the end of the day, and it doesn't particularly cause any dryness or oiliness for me. It is these past couple of weeks however, that I've been having quite an issue with it, which is a real disappointment as I am now back to the drawing board in a hunt for the perfect foundation.
Lately I've been noticing my skin start to break out a lot, and I'm not necessarily prone to this sort of thing so it was quite an unpleasant shock to the system. My pores have been getting worse and each day I find a new spot somewhere on my face. In order to get rid of the problem, I decided to try changing foundations, changing face moisturiser (which I have been using for longer than the foundation) and of course, changing my pillow cover regularly. Well I can safely say that my skin has started clearing up in just the first 2-3 days! I'm not 100% sure whether it was the foundation or the moisturiser causing my breakouts, but changing the two has made a huge difference. It's exciting to see my skin clear up in just a couple of days, but I'm also now stuck with the dilemna of which foundation to try next. It's clear the MAC studio fix fluid won't suffice.
All in all, I'd just like to say that this foundation wasn't for me, and after reading many reviews on the same foundation, it's clear that I'm not the only one with this problem.

Have you found your perfect foundation? Let me know in the comments below 

Toodlepop my lovelies xxx


  1. I'm having the exact same problem! I can't find a foundation I'm completely happy with, the main problem is the foundation being very sheer and not giving good coverage. Plus my mum doesn't understand me spending all my money on foundation :( I'm still deciding whether to put MAC studio fix fluid on my Christmas wish list or not! x


    1. In terms of coverage this foundation is excellent, just be aware of skin irritation :) Never know, you might be one of the lucky ones to make it work!
      I've heard that the MAC studio sculpt foundation works well and has a high coverage, could also be an option? x