Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Tutorial - How To Clean Makeup Brushes

I thought it might be helpful to show you how to clean makeup brushes; such a simple, yet regularly forgotten task by many girls. There is an array different products and methods that you can use to clean makeup brushes, but this is just my way of doing it.

A few reasons to clean your makeup brushes:

  • Bacteria grows on the brushes over time which isn't healthy for our makeup, face or brushes (ever wondered why you might be breaking out so much?)
  • Leftover colours from previous makeup that you've used can over time, mix in with other colours (that pure white eye shadow may not be so pure anymore...)
  • Prolong the life of your makeup by cleaning your brushes. Cleaning your makeup brushes once every one to two weeks, you will remove the toxins and bacteria that transfer into your makeup, therefore making your makeup last longer. 
Let us begin!

If you're like me and you can't afford to spend the extra pennies on an expensive makeup brush cleaner, you can simply use a soap-free baby shampoo. You can buy baby shampoos from most Supermarkets and drug stores.

  • Makeup Brushes (In this tutorial I am cleaning my Sigma Mr. Bunny Essential Brush Set)
  • Baby Shampoo (I am using Johnson's Baby Shampoo)
  • One small bowl 
  • One to two clean hand towels 

Washing one brush at a time, rinse the dirty brush underneath a warm running tap of water. Be careful not to tip the brush facing upwards because the water may soften the glue in the middle and cause the bristles to fall out over time. 

Over the bowl, squeeze a dollop of baby shampoo onto the brush (size of dollop depends on the size of the brush) and then use the bowl to lather the soap and clean off all the makeup. You may also want to add a little water to the bowl and as you do this, you'll see the water become murky. 

Once all the makeup has been removed, rinse the brush underneath warm running tap water again to get rid of any makeup residue and baby shampoo. 

Gently damp the brush on one of the dry hand towels. Whilst doing this, you can press your brushes back to their original shape. 

Leave your brushes laying flat on a clean and dry hand towel. They should completely dry over night.

It's really important to make sure your makeup brushes are lying FLAT after you've cleaned them until they are completely dry. This ensures a pool of water doesn't soften the glue that holds the bristles together which will eventually cause the bristles to fall out. It also ensures that the brushes dry back into their original shape. 

Do you use any other methods?


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