Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Summer Makeup Look - Cara Delevingne Inspired

Cara Delevingne inspired makeup look for Summer!

As I was researching current makeup looks for Summer 2013, I came across a picture of Cara Delevingne with a simple winged liner and neon pink lips. My current favourite lip colour is 'Fuchsia Flash' Colour Sensational by Maybelline (review of it here) and Delevingne was wearing a similar colour, very doable for a night out in the Summer (or during the day if you want a little something more).

This specific look focuses on a simple pin up eyeliner (I used a black liquid liner), neon pink lips, contouring (of course!), a neutral brown eye shadow, and I added the bold inner corner highlight for the eye (I did this using a white kohl eyeliner from Rimmel) because it's Summer and we want our eyes to look bright, fresh and awake, which is exactly what white eyeliner does. Last but certainly not least, this look focuses heavily on big, bold eyebrows just like Delevingne, so pull out those eyebrow filling kits and brow gels guys!

Pinks and reds worn together are also very popular this Summer, so if you're feeling extra daring, it's time to throw out your fashion hand book and team this makeup look with a red item of clothing (I'd say preferably a softer coloured red skirt, shorts, scarf, shoes etc. as it may look a little crazy if you go for a bight red dress...each to their own though).

Happy makeuping (I've decided that 'makeuping' is a word haha) ladies!


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  1. This make up looks beautiful, you have inspired me to dig out the pinks, even though I never wear them in autumn.
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    1. Thankyou very much, I'm glad I've inspired you to pull out the pinks!

  2. Very pretty :) xx